Paul Flynn, Fantastic Man, No. 11, Spring and Summer 2010

Essays from: Wolfgang Tillmans, exh. cat., Serpentine Gallery, Koenig Books London, London, 2010

Michael Bracewell, "Everywhere, all the time, and at once: the art of Wolfgang Tillmans"
Jostef Strau, "Alongside the abstract plane, dots and bangs of latent evidence and true relativity exposed"

Essays from: Wolfgang Tillmans, MCA Chicago / Hammer Museum LA (Ed.), Yale Un8iversity Press, New Haven / London, 2006. The US Tour Catalogue. You can download the entire book or click on the individual articles:

Ault, Julie. "The Subject is Exhibition"
Birnbaum, Daniel. "A New Visual Register Our Perceptual Apparatus"
Ferguson, Russel. "Faces in the Crowd"
Molon, Dominic. "A Pulse Within the System: Wolfgang Tillmans and Photoconceptualism"
Relyea, Lane. "Photography's Every Day Life and tne Ends of Abstraction"
Wigley, Mark. "The Space of Exposure"